ANDREW boots are some of the strongest and most durable footwear in the world, which is their unique point of difference. They are incredibly durable and also comfortable. ANDREW Italy and BENE Footwear NZ worked together to develop footwear that meets the demanding requirements of some of NZ’s harshest industries, being farming and forestry.

The development focused on designs and materials that would be able to endure the hazards specific to the industry without compromising the importance of comfort and protection.

ANDREW are one of the few companies that continue to manufacture some styles using the time-honoured traditional technique of the stitched Norwegian Welted last. Every pair of ANDREW boots is made entirely by hand in a 1,000 step process. The ANDREW facility is located in Montebelluna nestled in the shadow of the Dolomite Mountain range.


GRISPORT footwear is a premium Italian footwear brand. GRISPORT produce a wide variety and large range of footwear used for SAFETY, OUTDOORS and ACTIVE lifestyles. GRISPORT’S unique point of difference is a pleasing combination of Italian quality and key partner brands like Vibram, Gore-Tex etc at a competitive price.

The company was established in 1977 by two brothers, Graziano and Mario Grigolato. Starting from humble beginnings and now along with their children and grandchildren have made GRISPORT a world renown brand. Their manufacturing facility is state of the art, modern and efficient.

GRISPORT undertook an impressive eco project, in which they developed Italy’s largest photovoltaic solar farm and utilized the roof tops of their buildings. This equates to over 15,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 4 football fields and generates energy for making footwear which is enough to power the equivalent of 270 houses.


CRISPI are crafted by a passionate and incredibly innovative family based in Maser at the base of the Dolomite Mountain range in Northern Italy. CRISPI boots are unique for their unrivalled comfort and performance – nothing fits like a CRISPI boot!

Their speciality is Hunting and Adventure footwear for wearers that are wanting the best comfort and performance, especially when worn for extended periods of time.

CRISPI design focuses primarily on the anatomical shape of the foot and how it and the ankle moves. The  styles are designed through this research it. Every pair are made by hand by their skilled craftsmen. The CRISPI speciality is all about hunting and unashamedly so! CRISPI footwear is board tasked and packed with smart and innovative design features for instant fit, better performance and less fatigue.